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A Bit About Us

There are between 100 and 220 intimate partner violence crimes reported in Denver every month (, and countless more that go unreported. Intimate Partner Violence is an epidemic in the USA that results in trauma that diminishes self-worth within its survivors. Outside of emergency relief(shelter), counseling, extended stay, and advocacy programs, there are little resources for women to simultaneously rebuild their self-worth and gain economic independence in one place.


Survivors of intimate partner violence deserve a space where they can learn skill sets including craftswomanship in many forms, retail, visual merchandising, POS, and customer relations that can be translated into future job opportunities within the community and beyond. Skill sets that will help them work through the trauma they have sustained and rebuild their self-worth.


US consumerist society lends itself to massive amounts of goods being discarded. There are many household goods and articles of clothing (amongst other things) that are thrown out daily and take years to breakdown, if they ever do, that can be diverted from landfills. The concept that all things are disposable in our country spans from hard goods to human beings. There is an undeniable parallel here.

The self-perceived value of a survivors soul is depleted after leaving their perpetrator. It is our belief that an individual can rebuild their self value through working with their hands, reclaiming items destined for a landfill, reimagining its story and journey & rebuilding them into items of value.

Our mission is to promote healing and provide employment to survivors of intimate partner violence as they rebuild their own hearts, souls, and confidence through craft/making/building/selling. This is really the heart of Undestructable.  Sustainable practices for both PEOPLE and THE PLANET. 

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