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Updated: Mar 25, 2021

First of all, I want to welcome you to Undestructable! Thank you for being here and taking time to learn about the positive beauty we are trying to create. Both with people and sustainable products.

This is a safe space. This is a judgement-free space. This is a collaborative space. This is a hopeful space. Anyone who disrespects these values can see themselves out, or we will take care of that for them. For everyone down to practice these values, YOU ARE WELCOME HERE!

My name is Cora Lee Poole. That's my dorky face below. I am the Founder of Undestructable. This is a dream I have danced with for years!! Like over 15 years. Yeah, it's been a little bit. Ha! I wanted to take up this first blog post with some background about me. It is my intention to ALWAYS be accessible to you and transparent in who I am.

So, for the past nearly 10 years I designed clothing. My most recent role (which I left to bring Undestructable to life) was as a Senior Apparel Designer at adidas. Let me tell you what.... Though I am grateful for all the experiences I've had, that life proved to be soul-sucking for me. Don't get me wrong, it was a great job in many ways and is the perfect job for many, just not me. I had a fire burning inside of me that was ignited around 2006 while I was a 25 year old student. And at the age of 38, I am FINALLY letting that fire out.

I remember sitting in our sewing room at school and looking at all the scraps of fabric piled on the floor because the trash cans were overflowing. I thought to myself, 'this is a terribly wasteful line of business' and the next thought that followed was the very first tangible seed of Undestructable (I didn't have a name back then). The thought was, 'I can teach survivors of Domestic Violence how to thrift and alter clothing for themselves and their children'. I will write a separate post on this soon because it really is the deep and important to this work we are doing. I will also write about how this work actually started loooong before that particular moment (that will be some vulnerable stuff).

Fast forward! Here we are.....

We are a brand new organization and have so much to learn.

We want to know you and for you to know us.

We need you...

To all the survivors out there- You are not alone.

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